Blasta Henriet Wheat Heat Bag Linen-Navy Creatures

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The wheat bag is a safe and natural way to decrease joint stiffness, reduce pain and inflammation, relieve muscle cramps, it fits across aching back or shoulders or simply warm up cold feet etc.

A weighty heat pack for comforting warmth and natural pain relief.


Can be used hot or cold.

Oven and microwave safe. 

CE compliant.

Size: 60x20cm // Weight: 1kg

Made in England.

 The inner bag is divided in 6 sections to prevent the wheat from falling to one side. The outer cover can be taken off for washing.

  • Unscented.

    Clear safety instructions and suggested areas of use on both packaging and product tag. Made in England.

    • Cover: 100% European Linen OEKO-TEX® • Inner Bag: Natural cotton, Cotswold Wheat • FSC® certified packaging made from recycled waste fibres.

     Heating and cooling times.

    • Microwave: 1 - 3 minutes 600W

    • Oven: 10 - 15 minutes 125°

    • To use as cold pack, freeze for a minimum of 1 hour.