Our Story

Hello and welcome to Doodle & Boom!

We are a husband and wife team, Peter and Lisa Mahaffey (or should i say wife and husband team lol) that love all things that are just that little bit different.

We have always loved unique and quirky items and have a special love for all things that are handmade, we love to spend our free time, what little of it there is, wandering round craft fairs and delving into salvage yards and it pained us that every time we wanted to go to our local town to peruse the gorgeous shops and spend our hard earned money there were very few that offered what we wanted and what we were interested in and so Doodle & Boom was born!

Lisa, as well as having managed many retail outlets in her early career, has had her own very successful art and craft business selling at St Georges market, online and through various retail outlets for over 10 years.
Peter is a brilliant graphic designer and also a very talented photographer. All these factors along with our passions were a great help in giving us the confidence as well as the necessary tools to go for it and create Doodle & Boom.

We have been very careful to try to create a unique business in Bangor, where there was a gap in the market because the last thing we wanted to do was affect those small business that have been established for many years, as we are all to aware of how hard it is to set up and run your own business/shop, we wanted to add to the reason to shop in Bangor and therefore everyone benefits, not take away trade from anyone else and we hope we have achieved this and will do our upmost to promote others along with ourselves.

So, what do you get when you come to Doodle & Boom....well first of all a very warm welcome!
We appreciate everyone that takes the time to pop in and see what we are all about, and those that have followed and shared on facebook etc. Having set up on a shoe string using every penny of our own savings, absolutely no borrowing, it means the world to us how brilliantly people of Bangor and beyond are reacting to our new venture.

We aim to make Doodle & Boom a quirky interesting place that you will always want to stick your head into because you just never know what you might find.
We want to provide a mix of quality gifts, and homeware alot of which are handmade and most of which will be unique to our shop in Bangor!
We will do our very best to constantly source new and interesting products so that the shop is constantly changing and evolving to keep you interested and engaged.

And most of all we will ALWAYS strive to put YOU the customer first, and at ease....never will you get a pushy sale, that's not what we're about, you can browse leisurely on your own or we can be on hand to tell you about products, its up to you if you choose to buy them. We want you to enjoy your visit with us. Great customer service is one of our TOP priorities.

So I think that's covered everything, thank you for reading and showing an interest in our venture. Without you we can't survive but you have all been amazing so far so on wards and upwards, the sky's the limit!

xx Lisa & Peter
Doodle & Boom