KC Serving Platter - Acaia

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Practicality meets culinary passion with the Artesà Raised Wooden Serving Platter. This natural wooden board has raised feet, so your delicacies are presented with elevated style. At the same time, it makes them easy to reach and helps maximise space on the table, so it’s perfect for busy buffets, as well as dinner parties and special family meals. This is the 52 x 15 x 17 cm (20½ x 6 x 6½ inches) version of this platter. Its generous proportions make it ideal for serving share-sized portions of tapas or several individual desserts. And because it’s 100 per cent food-safe, you can stack up antipasti or canapés directly onto the wooden board.

Dimensions: 53.000 x 15.000 x 3.000cm
Colour: Brown
Material: Acacia Wood