DDN Triple Pendant - Labradorite Gem Slice - Gold

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A selection of three pendants suspended on a delicate satellite chain

Labradorite Gem Slice, dipped in Gold, approx 10 x 8mm
Tiny Tumbled Labradorite, dipped in Gold, approx 7mm
Mini Coin with Star design approx 8mm

Labradorite's base colour is dark grey, but when it catches the light, flashes of iridescent colour appear and is thought to have the meaning of adventure.

The semi-precious stone may have inclusions and clouds, adding to the uniqueness of each and every piece.

The Satellite Chain is perfect to layer with your other necklaces. 1mm fine trace chain with delicate gold beads evenly spaced, at approximately 1cm intervals, along the 24" of chain.


Three pendants, Gem Slice, Tiny Tumbled and Coin.
Pendants are approximately
Gen Slice 10 x 8 mm, Tiny Tumbled 7mm and Coin 8mm
Delicate satellite chain with circle clasp, 22ct gold plated length 24"

Please Note

Naturally sourced the semi-precious stones will vary slightly from those pictured, making every necklace unique.

When not being worn, store your jewellery in the pouch or box that it came in. This will minimise the effects of sunlight and the environment. Please avoid all contact with water, body lotions, perfumes, sun creams, cleaning products and makeup as these may affect the plating. Maintain the sterling silver chain by cleaning periodically with a silver polishing cloth.