CBK Two Minute Morning Journal

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A journal prompting you into a quick, research-based, two-minute morning ritual that helps you win your day every day. We know the choices made every morning have a huge impact all day long. So this journal provides simple, quick prompts—focusing on gratitude, letting go of stress, and setting daily intentions—proven to increase happiness and set readers up for success every day.

Life gets busy… fast.

Have you ever found yourself with so many browser tabs open you can’t see the titles anymore? Or discovered your pockets full with little scrap-paper notes you wrote to yourself throughout the day? Or felt anxious about your jammed schedule for tomorrow because you have no time to focus on what matters?

So what is Two Minute Mornings?

It’s the simple journal to help you rig the game so you can win it. It’s a quick therapeutic intervention from our future focused society to both feel better and get more done. No wonder research shows a positive mindset results in 31% higher productivity, 37% higher sales, and 3x more creativity.

All from taking a few moments to let go of something, feel grateful, and bring some focus to your day.

  1. I will let go of…
  2. I am grateful for…
  3. I want to focus on…