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This journal taps into the important and ubiquitous need to be gentle with yourself and offers a safe space to let go of negative self-image and start using your inner monologue to lift yourself up. This guided journal offers readers tools to stop putting themselves down and start speaking kindly to themselves. Inspired by the widespread recognition that your inner voice plays a huge role in your self-esteem and mental health, the journal helps readers recognise negative patterns in how they relate to themselves and helps them to reframe those inner conversations, react gently when self-criticism sneaks back in, and cultivate a more positive relationship with themselves overall. Whether the negative inner conversation stems from body image, work expectations, personal life goals, or specific challenging moments, Quiet Your Inner Critic offers a holistic and inclusive way to treat ourselves more gently and find a more positive way to speak to our inner selves.

SELF-KINDNESS IS PART OF SELF-CARE: This lightly guided journal offers simple ways to practice self-care in the way you talk to yourself, using a clinically recommended approach to improving your inner monologue.

A UNIQUE TOOL: This journal offers approachable guidance on how to talk to yourself but isn't grounded in specific ideologies, philosophies, or techniques, and offers easy activities to pick up and put down whenever the moment strikes.

POSITIVE AND SIMPLE TECHNIQUES: Being kinder to yourself doesn't require a huge investment of time, and this journal puts that into practice. The writing prompts, techniques, and exercises are simple and easy to do, and each one only takes a few minutes to complete. Readers can use the techniques throughout the day and week to reframe how they talk to themselves, moving from a harsh, negative mind space into one where they can truly celebrate and appreciate themselves.

Perfect for: Mindfulness seekers, self-help actualisers, people wanting to silence their inner critic and improve their self-esteem, self-improvement devotees looking to improve their mental relationship to themselves, people who are struggling with their mental health