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We've wished, at one time or another, that there were scripts for those tricky situations in life - when a foot gets stuck in a mouth, when no words emerge, when the comeback won't come out, and the come-ons get lost."The Lines for All Occasions" series provides a superb collection of these much needed phrases for all manner of breakup, rejection, excuse, lie, come-on, or insult situations - ranging from the diplomatic to the downright bridge burning! With these pocket sized prompters, you need never be lost for words again.


  • There's a time and a place for saying what's really on your mind, and insults and comebacks for all occasions provides the lines necessary for dishing it out
  • Armed with barbs targeting everything from looks to age to Intelligence, you'll always be prepared with an appropriate-or completely inappropriate-putdown or comeback
  • With the Help of this pocket-sized prompter, your reputation will soon precede you
  • Chapters range from "the young and the old" to "famous lip" over 504 insults and comebacks to choose from
  • Hardcover; 3.5 x. 5.75 inches; 112 pages;