B.E. 42mm Iris Wooden Watch

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Look from afar and the Iris watch may seem to be made entirely out of stainless steel but that is a trick. The deep dark sandalwood bezel, face and strap camouflage itself amongst the shine of the steel, to give rich undertones and depth to the timepiece

With closer inspection, you wonder how you could ever make that mistake. The sandalwood is too rich to be anything else.

Subtlety is the strength of this design. As a true gentleman knows, there is no need to explain oneself.

Key Features
• 12 Months Guarantee
• Sustainable Wood Sources
• Matching Wood & Steel Link Strap
• Designed in the UK
• Easily Release Pin Loaded Interchangeable Straps
• Specialised Miyota Movements (Battery Operated)
• Lightweight All Day Comfort
• Travel Proof Durable Design

Each watch has been sanded, and sealed with the necessary treatments and can withstand any splash or day to day use and does not require any further treatments.

Each watch is powered with a Miyota movement (battery-powered) and designed with quick-release pin-loaded straps so you can easily swap the straps.