UBS Proof Superior Stainless Steel Bottle - Venus (500ml)

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Keeps Drinks Cool for 24 Hours
Keeps Drinks Hot for 12 Hours
Double Wall - Two layers of stainless steel with a vacuum chamber
Superior 316 Medical Grade Stainless Steel
Holds 18oz / 500ml
Lightweight 350 grams
Wide Opening - Easier to drink from, easier to add ice
100% Leak Proof - Threaded lid keeps secure
Venus is a stunning pink bottle with copper colour lid

Proof is a modern drinkware brand with a conscience. The materials Proof make their products in are superior to all others in the market. Their stainless steel is 316 medical grade, compared to the competitions 304 stainless steel. This 316 medical grade steel means there won't be any corrosion or odours.

Proof also refrain from using a copper insulation layer. This may provide 1 or 2 hours extra insulation for your drink, but the waste from making this copper layer is very harmful to the environment. Proof cares about sustainability and how our products effect the human race.

Prevent the use of plastic bottles and carry your drinks in a mightily fine looking and durable bottle.