BL Real Wine Gums-Merlot

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So, you know how Wine Gums (the classic, fruity chewy sweet) don’t actually contain wine?

The clever clogses (note to self: look up plural of clogs) at The Real Wine Gum reckoned that’s a bit weird and there should be a wine version, so they made one. And now YOU can try them!

They also made them rich, indulgent and suitable for all but the teetotal. Seriously, they’re suitable for vegans, veggies, those with nut allergies, lactose intolerance, and even aversions to fat and artificial colourings. What an inclusive gummy.

Why settle for just a glass of wine or a mere packet of Haribos when you could be delicately nibbling your way through these like a true sophisticate? It’s the best of both worlds, and it’s god damn delicious.


Available in two box sizes, small and standard.

Small box contains 2 wine gums, standard contains 10-15 winegums.