UBS HOST Chill Cooling Pour Spout

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Is it a wine chiller? Is it a wine pourer? Is it a wine preserver? It's all three and also designed to compliment any contemporary kitchen

HOST Chill Cooling Pour Spout might be a bit of a mouthful, but we can guarantee it will rock your wine drinking world. Designed like an icicle to fit in a bottle of wine, it produces the same result without watering it down. Cleverly formed plastic with freezing gel in the centre section means it stays colder for longer and doesn't dilute your wine.

Ingeniously designed, HOST Chill has a funnel section which allows you to leave the frozen section in your wine while you pour. So there's no need to take it out each time you want to top up your glass. Finally HOST have created a sleek, bright rubber cork, allowing you to preserve your wine's flavour as well as preventing any bugs from climbing inside.

Product Information:

  • Chill, pour and preserve your wine
  • Fits into any bottle to cool your wine right at the table
  • Air-tight, removable stopper preserves your wine
  • For reds, make sure the bottle is at room temperature before serving. For whites, pre-chill the bottle for 2 hours in the fridge or 15 minutes in the freezer.
  • Dimensions 54 x 55 x 347mm (boxed). 25 x 25 x 315 mm (actual size)
  • Weight: 250g