Soilse Apothecary Amber Jar Soy Candle-Soft Day

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Take a walk in an Irish green field after a Summer rain shower. Fresh lemongrass dances above an oak moss base.

height 8cm
diameter 6cm
weight 300 g
burn time 30 hours

Soilse (meaning light or brightness in Gaelic) is a word that evokes stillness, comfort and warmth.

''As an Irish designer who recently returned to these shores after 11 years in New York, I was inspired and overwhelmed by the outstanding beauty which I have re-discovered living in the countryside with my husband and family. This is something I wanted to capture and share with the world, combining light, warmth and comfort with memory, inspiration and home.

Every Soilse Irish Candle awakens a particular landscape and memory, the scent being a wonderfully tantalizing and evocative fragrance inspired by the natural beauty of the Irish outdoors.

The collection comprises of 6 innovative and invigorating fragranced candles inspired by my travels in Ireland. They are presented in a 7.5 oz recyclable glass.

All candles in our Irish Candle and Apothecary Collections are lovingly hand poured and made from 100% soy wax, infused with a unique blend of essential oil based fragrances that are all naturally produced and environmentally friendly.

All our candles are made from 100% soy wax, infused with and evoking the unique and captivating fragrances of the Irish Landscape. Subtle, warm and unique; each fragrance is a blend of naturally produced essential oils including lemongrass, orange and enticing spices that awaken memories and inspire dreams of the Irish landscape in all it’s beauty and seasons.''