VLD Painted Lady Embroidered Butterfly Brooch

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The burnished tones of the Painted Lady butterfly naturally lend themselves to fashion, and this beautifully embroidered and hand-painted brooch closely resembles the real thing. Crafted in orange, ochre, black and white faux suede and cotton organdie, the brooch is an artistic interpretation of the Painted Lady and forms part of Vikki’s collection of eight British butterflies.

This beautiful butterfly brooch has a three-dimensional look and makes a super-chic statement pinned to a lapel, scarf or hat. It’s also a conversation piece in the home - why not attach one, or several, to cushions, curtains, even a lampshade?

The Painted Lady migrates from Africa and travels as far north as the Arctic Circle. It is found fluttering across all parts of the British Isles in the summer.

Made from faux suede and cotton organdie, embroidered and hand-painted, with wire antennae.

It measures 8x5cms and is presented in a 9cm-square gift box with information about thebutterfly on the reverse.

Due to the hand-crafted nature of the brooch, some very slight variations may occur. It is quite flexible and robust and some bending of the wings is natural during wear. The wings can easily be reshaped by hand, either by flattening or by squeezing the top wings together to enhance the three-dimensional look. To keep the brooch in good condition, avoid submerging in water and subjecting to high temperatures or prolonged periods of direct sunlight.


Fabric, thread, cotton, faux suede, polyester, wire, brooch pin


Length: 5 Centimetres; Width: 8 Centimetres