Bloom Remedies Snuggle & Sleep Organic Baby Gift Set

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 "Oh sleep, oh gentle sleep, nature's soft nurse"  William Shakespeare

To sleep and to snuggle is the perfect moment we all aim for with our babies.  This beautiful set contains our two most effective soothing baby products - our Easy Sleep Mist and Easy Sleep Baby massage oil  

The skin nourishing organic Easy Sleep Oil is the perfect bedtime ritual, using touch and aroma to settle your baby before bedtime

The Easy Sleep Baby Mist is infused with natural floral waters and essential oils that offer a supportive way to encourage relaxation at bedtime by spritzing on your baby's bedding before sleep

The essential oils in this set include Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Orange Blossom and Sweet Orange - all demonstrated to calm and soothe the nervous system

Housed in a luxury embossed gift box, and the perfect thoughtful gift

In frosted glass and bamboo containers that help on our environmental journey towards plastic free

2 x 50ml bottles

The perfect evening ritual set: Massage your baby with a gentle touch using the Easy Sleep Baby massage oil and allow the soothing aromas to infuse the surroundings and nourish the skin.  Spritz your baby's bedding with the Easy Sleep mist so that the aromas infuse around them as they lie down. Sweet dreams all round x

Key Ingredients:

chamomile flower water and essential oil - naturally sedative and soothing

lavender flower water and essential oil - calming and naturally sedative

orange blossom floral water - naturally soothing, and calming

 sweet orange essential oil - naturally sedative and calming

Easy Sleep Mist: Lavender flower water*, Chamomile flower water*, Orange blossom water*, Sweet orange essential oil*, Lavender essential oil*, Roman chamomile essential oil*

Easy Sleep Baby Oil: Cold pressed organic sunflower seed oil*, Cold pressed organic olive oil*, Cold pressed organic apricot kernal oil*, Lavender essential oil*, Sweet organic essential oil*, Roman chamomile essential oil*.

* Organic ingredient.  Contains Geraniol, Linalool, Citral, Limonene, Citranellol - natural components of essential oils